Microstar Australia

Microstar Australia Pty Ltd is the project managers of Microstar brand in Australasia and overseas. With the expertise in Smart Metering Solutions, our team closely work together to offer wide range of smart metering solutions (including AMR/AMI system) to meet utility compliance and requirements.



Global Partners

Mojec International (Nigeria)

Mojec International is an international holding company with subsidiaries in the power, energy, real estate and retail sector with operations across Africa and Asia. Its energy meter subsidiary is a leading smart meter manufacturer in Nigeria. Microstar and Mojec have been working together for the past 15 years. The cooperation include manufacturing of smart meters & meter panels, deployment and operation of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems, as well as substation automation projects. Visit mojec.com for more information. 

Creative Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (Pakistan)

Creative Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading energy meter manufacturers in Pakistan. Creative and Microstar have in collaboration to produce smart AMR-enabled meters locally and provide AMI/AMR solutions to local utility and customers. Visit creative.com.pk for more information. 

JZ International (Pakistan)

JZ International Lahore is an importer and supplier of various electrical equipment’s for private as well as public sector of Pakistan (WAPDA/NTDC/DISCO’S) including supply of energy meters and related equipment’s for installation in switchgear panels/grid monitoring on behalf of Microstar Electric Co. Ltd. China. For further information contact at info@jzinternational.net

DPEE S.r.l. (Italy)

DPEE S.r.l. imports and sells electrical and electronic products for the industry since 1972. In recent years, DPEE extended the range of its interest to the energy market and developed specific products and services for the measurement and the control of the consumption and the production of energy. In particular, the range of products offered by DPEE includes electrical energy meters for industrial and residential use, reference equipment for laboratories, panel analyzers and multimeters and software solutions for the energy data management, DPEE has supplied metering products to various customers including ENEL, which is the largest power company in Italy.

RPV Electro Technology (Philippines)

RPV Electro Technology Phils. Corp. is dealing with Energy & Power Monitoring & Solutions which includes supply of Microstar Energy Meters, Data Loggers, AMR Solutions. It expanded its Solutions to Power System Automation, Energy Efficiency & Power Management Systems including Power Quality Solutions. RPV head office is located in Pasig City within Metro Manila and has strategic branches in Visayas (Cebu City & Iloilo City) and Mindanao (Cagayan de Oro City & Davao City).